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In English (for riders)

Levád Fysiotherapi is a sports clinic for riders. We have worked for the past 20 years helping riders to achieve a relaxed, functional and biomechanically correct seat. We have been involved in numerous projects run by the Swedish Equestrian Federation as well as working with the 2017 Swedish dressage team.

Levád works for riders of all levels and in all disciplines. We offer several products and services:              

  • Rider analysis or rider screening: 90 minuter of physiotherapist analysis that gives you the tools to develop and improve your seat. Mobility, balance and stability are investigated where you then get individual-oriented advice. We use specific technical equipment to measuring the pressure and strain in the saddle. Our skills and resources make it possible for us to see and do something about rider-related problems.
  • Group or individual fitness training with the aim of improving the rider's strength, balance and mobility before contest or training.
  • Lectures and clinics: The lecture is aimed at the amateurs as well as the competition riders, and gives insight into how to achieve an optimal seat. The clinic takes place in an equestrian center where one or two of those present can actively participate.
  • The book Spänst och Harmoni i ryttarens sits (in Swedish), written by Birthe Vogelius, which is available in English from the 1st of October 2018 with the title Passion, Performance & Perfection- Guidelines for dressage riders.
    This book has been sold in more than 10,000 copies in Sweden. This is the book for those who want to develop their seat and improve their impact on the horse.
    You can find the book in english and the film Passion, Performance & Perfection with english text (audio in swedish) in our webshop.       

For more information: info@levad.se